Located in the lakeside of Sun Moon Lake with unique lake view outside the window,
THE RICHFOREST HOTEL-SUN MOON LAKE shows touching look with zero distance through four seasons;
no matter the bright and beautiful Spring, gorgeous and remarkable Summer,
graceful and romantic Autumn and broad and heroic Winter.
THE RICHFOREST HOTEL is more than a club house to travelers,
it is a paradise for holiday that people would yearn for.


  • Deluxe Double Room

    Deluxe Double Room

    - Lake View -

    Where you could get to the water of Sun Moon Lake and listen to the sound of fish jump quietly so close? All these are in the Deluxe Twin Room (Lake View) room. You would see the sky water right in front of your sight when you open the French window, the lake water is so close to people while our heart flees to faraway lands along with the wind. Have a cup of hot tea in an afternoon with mist to uncover the misty veil
    of Sun Moon Lake; while in the night, a clear moon that reveals the secrets of fishes; you would feel solid and pleasant in mind with while welcoming the overfilled sunlight.

  • Deluxe Family Room

    Deluxe Family Room

    - Lake View with Balcony -

    Dreams of every generation have interweaved through the Sun Moon Lake, where the elderly to distantly recollect the old dreams and past memories here; the middle-age people reminisce the crazy years they spent on swimming through the Sun-Moon Lake, the heroic spirit in that very year; young people take a stroll around the lake and taste resh and sweet air, and the childhood that the youths spent around the lake. THE RICHFOREST HOTEL-SUN MOON LAKE would satisfy every member in the family, same lake water but different minds, experience different looks of Sun Moon Lake respectively.